Calendar of Events for 2017–2018 (and other important dates)

These are our primary events for the year. Interest group get-togethers, special events put on by First Book Portland® and impromptu events will be announced in our monthly eNewsletters and on this page.

Electronic invitations are sent prior to our events since nearly all of our paid members have Internet access. Many of our events are open to non-members and non-Pi Phi guests.

We are in the process of planning the events for the coming year. Stay tuned!

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The group at our October 25, 2016, event at Peggy Lawson's home had a great time!


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To kick off 2015–2016, we gathered at Cherie's home for a wine tasting. Nicole Sligh from First Book Portland told us about some of their upcoming events to raise funds for books for children in need. Club member/Oregon Alpha CHC President Janet Clay came up from Eugene to share the exciting news about the chapter house remodel and the September centennial celebration. Cherie's wine guru Bruce Biehl (second row on the right) attended OSU but dated Pi Phis from UO back in his day! Our potential alumna initiate Marilyn joined us. It was a great way to start off the club year! [Even though this is from last year, we are leaving it on the site because it was such a fun event!]